Barracks Road Primary School

THE GLEANER, THURSDAY, APRIL 22, 2021 | | BARRACKS ROAD PRIMARY 150TH FEATURE D2 MESSAGES ... I AM honoured to share in this momentous occasion. This year will be indelibly etched in our minds as we celebrate the 150th anniversary in a pandemic. On behalf of the parents, both past and present, I congratulate the Barracks Road Primary School family on the celebration of this great milestone – 150 years. It is truly an honour to serve an institution that has served my mother (now a teacher there), my three siblings, myself, and is now serving my son. Like my family, many parents have had third and fourth generations joining the Barracks Road Primary School family, which has a culture of excellence that has been maintained over the years. I therefore call onparents, past students in thediaspora and all other stakeholders to support the programmes and activities of this noble and historical institution. ‘Only The Best Is Good Enough’. RYAN SINCLAIR PTA President B ARRACKS ROAD Primary School, since its inception in 1871, has produced some of the most brilliant pupils and citizens in St James, Jamaica. The school has spread light and paved the path of academic excellence for its students, creating opportunities, challenging minds, encouraging innovation, and sustaining enthusiasm for learning. Its objective is to be a torch-bearer of learning, not only in western Jamaica, but for all students across the island. The institution has, and will continue to strive for brighter andmore secure prospects for our children. The environment provided will continue to see our students successfully through their formative years and help them attain greater heights and create the unimaginable. Credit must be given to the board of management, principal, vice-principals, guidance counsellors, senior teachers, and the cadre of industrious, committed teachers who have assiduously worked to maintain high standards at the institution. All are specially recognised for the tremendous work done with our students, especially during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic and virtual learning. Not to be outdone are the administrative and ancillary staff, without whom the successes of the institution could not be achieved. Barracks Road Primary School aims not only to teach subjects, but also to inculcate values of commitment, positivity, loyalty, zealousness and pride. This guarantees that the school will maintain its status as a hallmark institution in St James and continue to live out its motto, ‘Only the Best is Good Enough’. MAVIS ISAACS Board Chairman T HE IMPACT and significant roles Barracks Road Primary School has played in the progress and advancement of education in Jamaica coming from an early post-colonisation era to present is significant. The solid foundation laid 150 years ago provided a practical application to the educational demands. Today, the foundation built on excellence still carries and propels the institution. Many distinguished men and women in Jamaica and across the world laud Barracks Road Primary School for their excellent formative education. This solid foundation contributed significantly to them developing their love for learning and mastery of foundational skills; which has led to them maximising their opportunities and achieving much success. Barracks Road Primary School is a beacon of excellence, both in academia and extracurricular activities. Notwithstanding the huge population, it continues its strides to ensure that the strong foundation laid by former pioneers of the institution is maintained and enhanced. The institution has been the recipient of many government and private-sector scholarships. The latest of which has been the award of the Lasco Curve Scholarship in two consecutive years – 2018 and 2019. To all our hard-working and dedicated educators over the years, partners and stakeholders, we say a big thank you for your continued collaboration and support. The institution’s success rate has always been one that is greatly admired, and is due largely to your hard work and dedication. As a school of excellence, we endeavour to always offer quality education to the citizenry of western Jamaica, and our commitment is to continue doing our best. As we go forward, we crave God’s continued guidance and protection. As our motto states, ‘Only the Best is Good Enough’’, and our mantra declares ‘We are Destined for Greatness’’. MAXINE COATES-BROWN, JP Principal ‘A beacon of excellence in academia and more’ ‘Creating opportunities, challenging minds’ ‘An institution that has served generations’ Members of the 4-H Club and their teachers (from left):Elaine Reynolds, Simone Forbes, Shannon Hall, Venice Sinclair, and Theresa Gayle. Here at Bookzone Limited, our core business is Publishing, Marketing and Distribution of the very best in educational materials for Early Childhood, Primary and High schools, whilst representing some of the most accomplished Authors and Publishers both locally and internationally.