HEART NSTA Trust 2022

The programmes and services of the HEART/ NSTA Trust, which touch and impact so many lives and communities, are driven by the work of a dedicated team of employees located in every parish and major population centre in Jamaica. As the Trust observes its 40th year of service to the nation, three of the longest serving employees of the Agency reflect on the impact of the Organisation on their lives: LONG AND FAITHFUL SERVICE Going Above and Beyond LEROY TAYLOR Driver 38 Years of Service “I started working on the 3rd of December 1984 at Stony Hill HEART Academy after redundancy from the Ministry of Education. I needed a job and heard of the opening at Stony Hill for a caretaker/ gardener. I got the job on the first day. HEART has been a place of development for me. While I worked, I went to school to train to be a chef and I eventually ended up learning about computers and technical things. I have a Diploma in computer repairs, and I did a CISCO course at Stony Hill. I enjoy working at HEART! I enjoy being in the field at the HEART roadshows, taking HEART to the people and I am happy to do anything, I am the official HEART DJ. I really love what I do because I know that I'm helping the young people of my country, in my own way. I would never want to work anywhere else. I want people to see HEART as the place of choice for TVET.” ANNMARIE BOSWELL-REID, Rehabilitation Officer at the LEAP Centre 37 Years of Service “I was fresh out of high school, Kingston Technical. I needed a job. As the second child in my family of 10, I decided I need a job, and went to see my Member of Parliament Dr. Mavis Gilmore, who set me straight. She said, “Annmarie, you don’t need a job, you need further training. I'm going to send you to HEART!” I said okay and I started as a trainee at HEART Stony Hill on the 23rd of February 1984 and I learnt Stenography, taking Shorthand at 120 words a minute. After graduation, I got a job on the Building Team at Stony Hill and worked in several departments at HEART until I was summoned by Dr Joyce Robinson to work at LEAP when HEART was assuming control of the Centre from the Ministry of Education. HEART means my life because I discovered who I was as a young person. HEART gave me the vocational training for the world of work. It has been my honour to rescue young people, to rehabilitate them, put them back in their families or back in the formal education system. And along the way, HEART invested in me, sending me to the University and funding my degree in social work.” KENNETH MORRISON Director, Operational Planning and Performance Management 36 Years of Service “I finished my last exam for my BA degree on the 9th of June 1986 and started at HEART on the 10th of June 1986. I spent my first few weeks in the Solidarity Programme and spent most of my years in the Planning, Research and Project Development side of HEART. I am grateful for the opportunity to work in the development of Community Based Training approach methodology that extended HEART’s reach to a lot of persons who were previously unreachable. For me, being at HEART has not been a job, it has been an investment, the best years of my productive lifewould have been invested at HEART and I must say it has been a mutually beneficial experience. I'm really happy that I was able to be given the opportunity to serve my country. I thank the Lord for allowing me to serve in this way. I have gained so much experience, and it has really helped me to be a better person. 16