HEART NSTA Trust 2022

HEART NSTA/Trust WorldSkills Delegation to the USA PlasteringandDrywall systems is a new and emerging area that is dominating modern construction of domestic and commercial building facilities. It enables a more efficient and cost effective means of construction and is adaptable to adverse climatic changes. This skill areas is also sustainable and adaptable to modern accommodation aesthetics and designs and allows for flexibility in changes to operating spaces at lower costs. Mobile Robotics is used to automate mechanical and manual processes which currentlyobtain in industries, business services, medical operations and processes as well as agriculture, logistics and transport. It enables individuals to carry out manufacturing programmes and systems designs from remote locations thus reducing cost in operations and enhancing efficiency and product output of businesses. HEART NSTA/Trust WorldSkills Delegation to Japan Sonya and Jeovanny in Competition Andrey in Competition 31