HEART NSTA Trust 2022

MESSAGES Mr. Mark Golding, MP Leader of the Oppos i t ion It is with great pleasure that I join the Human Employment and Resource Training (HEART)/National Service Training Agency (NSTA) Trust in celebrating its 40th Anniversary. HEART/NSTA Trust is the nation’s leading provider of Technical Vocational Education and Training in Jamaica, certifying hundreds of Jamaicans each year. For over 40 years, HEART has been fulfilling its mission of facilitating and ensuring the development of human capital through training and certification. HEART/NSTA Trust has served almost every industry in Jamaica and has expanded its mandate to include the facilitation of volunteerism, mentorship and adult literacy. Through the provision of skilled and competent workers through its institutional-based and on-thejob training programmes and initiatives such as the National Service Corps, and School-Leaver Training Opportunity Programme, the Trust continues to impact the lives of many Jamaicans. I am pleased to know that HEART/NSTA has partnered with employers to provide them with customized workforce solutions for their businesses. Additionally, HEART has partnered with the Amber Group to establish a coding academy which officially opened in January 2021. HEART is a vital institution toour national development. I commend the management and staff at HEART/NSTA for staying true to its vision and working assiduously to ensure that all participants of the various HEART programmes get an opportunity to achieve higher level certification regardless of their socio-economic background. Congratulations on this milestone achievement. I look forward to many more years of success and national development through the HEART/NSTA Trust. Happy 40th Anniversary. Hon. Fayval Wi l l iams , MP Mini ster of Educat ion and Youth Over the past 40 years, the HEART National Service Training Agency Trust has been a key player in providing hundreds of thousands of Jamaica’s young people with post-secondary training opportunities and being a change agent for workforce productivity. Since its creation in 1982 by former Prime Minister, the Most Honourable Edward Seaga, the agency has been at the centre of youth training programmes providing real hope and change for Jamaica’s youth by using the latest labour market information and economic growth data to drive its programmes and activities. During the period, the Trust has made significant changes and expanded its programmes in line with labour market demands to help Jamaicans to take advantage of new and emerging economic opportunities. The HEART/NSTA Trust has been a very strong brand and continues to be a key partner in the education and training sector. The merger of the then HEART Trust, Jamaican Foundation for Lifelong Learning, the National Youth Service and the Apprenticeship Board in 2019 into the new HEART/NSTA Trust was a major development allowing for expansion of training programmes, flexibility, and affordability for many Jamaicans. The introduction of the Occupational Associate Degree, the Career Advancement Programmes and widening of opportunities in technical and vocational education training have opened new windows for young Jamaicans not only to industry specific jobs but in areas of entrepreneurship. From plumbing and building and construction, cosmetology, tourismrelated and other fields, HEART has been creative in re-educating the society as a whole to be more embracing of technical and vocational education training as a valid career path and not something that young people should fall back on in the event of under-performance in other areas. In a world where knowledge and technologies are changing at an accelerating pace, it is imperative that training institutions are able to respond to economic trends and new goals. Educational planning must therefore be shifted to new forms of instructional content and delivery. I am happy to say that, in that regard, the HEART/NSTA Trust has been a model agency. Highest commendations are therefore in order to the past and present Boards, management andstaffof theHEART/NSTA Trust for your vision, tenacity, flexibility and relevance as one of Jamaica’s leading human capital development agencies. Indeed, it is noteworthy that your success as a model training agency has been studied and is being emulated in other territories in the Caribbean. Jamaica can rest assured that under the leadership of the Board of Directors, Management and Staff, the HEART/ NSTA Trust will continue to invest in the development of Jamaica’s human capital so that we can be among the best in the world. 4