HEART NSTA Trust 2022

Professor, the Hon. Alv in Wint , OJ ,CD Chai rman, Board of Di rectors It is indeedmy pleasure to participate in the process of celebrating the Ruby anniversary of the HEART/NSTA Trust’s marriage to the people of Jamaica. When former Prime Minister Seaga presided over this marriage in 1982 it was an arranged relationship. Forty years hence, I venture to say that it is now a marriage of love, as the Trust has progressed, prospered, and seamlessly transcended political administrations. National support for the HEART Trust is just one of the many examples of bipartisan support for important Jamaican institutions, as intimated to me by Leader of the Opposition, Mark Golding, as he participated recently in the signing of Jamaica’s most recent National Social Partnership Agreement. Included in the vows the HEART Trust made to the people of Jamaica in 1982 was a commitment to “ensure that there is in the Island an adequate number of persons trained for employment in the technical and vocational fields”. The Trust has sought to stay true to that commitment, and in the 2019 Global Competitiveness Report, Jamaica ranked 36th of 141 countries worldwide, and was the leading Country in the Caribbean, with respect to the quality of vocational training. As we recognise the work of the past, we also acknowledge that in the dynamic world of the future, Jamaica’s progress and prosperity requires a continued, indeed enhanced, symbiotic relationship between its people and its newly constituted HEART/NSTA Trust. This Agency, with its national training, service and learning mandates, is Jamaica’s leadingnational agencywith responsibility for the development of the Jamaican people. The entire team of the HEART/NSTA Trust commits to the Jamaican people that we will endeavour to be faithful to our triple mandates. “A Marriage of Love with the People of Jamaica” “Our People are Our Best and Most Important Resource” Tanei sha Ingleton, PhD, LLB Managing Di rector, HEART/ NSTA Trust Never in Jamaica’s modern history, was an idea so universally welcomed as a cogent response to the vicissitudes of the times than the founding of the HEART/NSTA Trust 40 years ago. Jamaican employers readily agreed with the concept of HEART and played a defining role to turn it into a successful reality in a relatively short time. Then, there were the eager learners, who acquitted themselves well by grasping the opportunities presented by HEART for competencybased education and training, and the real prospect of employment and upward social mobility. There was also the wide, wholehearted acceptance by the society at large, who could clearly see the primary value of HEART as a lifeline for Jamaica’s youthful population at a time of significant challenges. It is the power of this journey of committed partnerships and stakeholdership, which gives us pause to reflect and to be inspired as we commemorate our 40th anniversary of service to the nation. HEART/NSTA values the tangible support of our 3% Employer Contributors, key partners, who have sustained us over the past four decades, and we are redoubling our efforts to give them greater returns on their investment. The single most important investment any government can make, is an investment in its human capital. This is not just an intuitive truth, research studies across several economies affirm this; our people are our best and most important resource. When we make deliberate efforts to improve the skills and competencies of our people, their contributions to society are more fundamental and enduring. The HEART/NSTA Trust unlike any other organisation carries a mandate to re-energize Jamaican industries and enterprises with skilled labour for economic growth. Indeed, it is not just an institution, it is the “Heart Beat” of the nation. It is uniquely positioned to change the face of Jamaica. We will achieve this by leveraging the full gamut of our programme offerings and services to deliver more enterprise-based training while providing access to every Jamaican, who needs training for employment and self-fulfillment. In charting the way forward, our core values of respect, care, relevance, teamwork, integrity, quality, accountability, and customer focus will undergird our work for a better Jamaica. Dr Taneisha Ingleton, Managing Director of HEART/NSTA Trust, greets the Governor General in the company of Dr Nigel Clarke, the Minister of Finance and the Public Service at the Marcus Garvey Public Sector Graduate Scholarship Awards Ceremony. Canadian High Commissioner, Her Excellency, Emina Tudakovic and HEART/NSTA Trust Board Chairman, Professor Alvin Wint operating the newly commissioned EV charging station at the JAGAS Campus to charge an electric vehicle provided by Stewarts Automotive Group the local distributors for Flash Motors. 8