Independence Special: Jamaica @ 60 & Beyond

NAME OF FEATURE | THE GLEANER | SUNDAY, JULY 31, 2022 12 INDEPENDENCE SPECIAL: JAMAICA @ 60 AND B YOND F ATURE | THE GLEANER | SUNDAY, JULY 31, 2022 Cindy Breakspeare wins Miss World 1976 ‘WORLD QUEEN’ jamaica at ROAD TO INDEPENDENCE Shoes alone know if stocking hab hole TRANSLATION: Shoes alone know if the stocking have holes. (Beckwith) EXPLANATION: The wearer alone knows where the shoe pinches. (Anderson Cundall) OLE TIME PEOPLE USED TO SAY ... the Royal party. To the sound of a fanfare, they were received at the Bar of the House by the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, then they moved in procession to the dais. When they were seated, Mr Carberry read the Letters Patent under the Royal Sign Manual and Signet empowering the Princess to open the First Parliament of Jamaica. The document rested on an open red case containing the Great Seal. The Hon Si r Alexander Bustamante, Prime Minister, then rose and mounted the dais Speech which she read … Sir Alexander resigned to the dais to receive it from the Princess and handed it to the Clerk. The assembly then rose to hear the personal message from Her Majesty the Queen. When the Princess had completed this, she declared her intention to present the Constitutional instruments to the Prime Minister, who returned to the dais to receive it. Sit Alexander then made his first speech as Prime Minister, thanking the Queen for he message. MEMORABLE “I speak for all in Jamaica when I say that we are extremely happy that Her Royal Highness has been able to be present on this great occasion to represent Her Majesty,”Sir Alexander said. He added: “I am deeply honoured that it has fallen to me to receive today from the hand of Her Royal Highness the Constitutional Instruments which are the symbol of our independence.” Seconding the address of thanks, the Leader of the Opposition Mr Norman Manley referred to “this memorable first meeting of the Parliament of independent Jamaica” and joined in expressing the pleasure it had given Jamaicans to have Princess Margaret “no stranger to Jamaica but an old friend to be with us to represent Her Majesty the Queen”. Mr Manley affirmed that Jamaica had come to independence prepared and ready to shoulder her new responsibilities and he believed“united in a single hope that they might make their small country a safe and happy home for all the people”. He believed that as an independent people Jamaicans could somanage themselves as to demonstrate one day how by making their great motto “Out of Many One People” come to speak the truth about themselves, they could become a worthwhile and shining example of the sort of worldmen sometimes dreamed to live in. Loud applause from the gathering followed Mr Manley’s speech. Ceremony over, Princess Margaret and the Royal party left the chamber to return to King’s House. And the members of Jamaica’s First Parliament left to continue the Independence celebrations. QUEEN’S MESSAGE: I WARMLY WELCOME JAMAICA TO COMMONWEALTH In personal message to the Jamaican people read by Princess Margaret at the state opening of Parliament yesterday, Her Majesty the Queen said she was sure that Jamaica would have a vital contribution to make to the cause of the fuller cooperation, understanding the tolerance far beyond the immediate area of the world in which the island is situated. Text of the Queen’s message follows: “I have it in command of The Queen to read you the following message from Her Majesty to her People in Jamaica. “I am very happy that my sister should bemy personal representative at the celebrations to commemorate the independence of your country. “I remember well my visit some years ago to your lovely island and the waves, welcome which you gave tome. My sister who has also visited you before has, I know, greatly looked forward to being with you as on this day in Jamaica’s history. “It is with every good wish for the future that I warmly welcome Jamaica to the Commonwealth family of Nations. I am sure that your country, which has already given an example to the world of how people of many varied origins and traditions may live together in harmony, will have a vital contribution to make to the cause of fuller cooperation understanding and tolerance far beyond the immediate area of the world in which it is situated. “I pray that Godwill bless and keep your country in all the years that lie ahead.” CELEBRATES CONTINUED FROM 10