Independence Special: Jamaica @ 60 & Beyond

NAME OF FEATURE | THE GLEANER | SUNDAY, JULY 31, 2022 30 INDEPENDENCE SPECIAL: JAMAICA @ 60 AND B YOND F ATURE | THE GLEANER | SUNDAY, JULY 31, 2022 If you get your han’ in a debil mout’, tek it out.” TRANSLATION: If you put your hand in the devil’s mouth, take it out carefully. EXPLANATION: Act cautiously in getting out of difficulty. OLE TIME PEOPLE USED TO SAY ... minutes. Meanwhile, President of the committee Ken Rhino spoke of the exemplary behaviour of the girls, and explained that Saturday night’s contest marked the tenth anniversary of the judging under the present committee. SPECIAL PRIZES The judges, Mr D.T.M. Girvan, chairman; Messrs Charles Vendryes, Dial Harian; Mrs Stanley Motta; Mrs Gai Eaton and Miss Vida Menzies, returned to the audience. The girls again paraded and took their positions on the right and left of the stage. The contestants were Pauline Fuller (Miss Portland Chamber of Commerce). Fay Timoll (Miss Caribbean Recordings), Lorna Alexander (Miss Roux), Barbara DeCasseres (Miss Austin), Joyce Reid (Miss Vent Vue), Patricia Ritch ( Miss General Tyres), Ruby Meghon (Miss Manchester Chamber of Commerce), Nolia Skipton (Miss Flamingo), Violet Meghon (Miss National Car Rental), Angela Hanna (Miss Avis-Rent-a-Car), Allison Bowen (Miss Ocho Rios Hotel), Juliette Ritchie (Miss NuWear Garments), and Doreen Turner (Miss Hermine’s Garments). Mr Girvan explained that it was a difficult task deciding on how the prizes should be distributed. The judges’decision for the number-one place, he said, was unanimous, but the others had posed a problem. He thanked the audience and the many persons involved in any way with the contest, before reading out the special prizes. The prize for the prettiest eyes went to DoreenTurner; that for best figure to Marlene Murray; prettiest smile toViolet Meghoo; hair, to Nolia Skipton; hands, to Joyce Reid; and most radiant complexion to Juliette Ritchie. APPLAUSE The judges’ choice of the queen was greeted with wild applause, and sponsors Mr and Mrs Pat Ferriera were among the first members of the audience to rush on stage to add their congratulations. The ‘Queen’ ascended her throne of light pink and silver and was soon flanked by the runners-up seated on smaller thrones of light green and silver, while fourth- and fifth- place holders Juliette Ritchie and Doreen Turner, respectively, stood behind, one on either side. Miss Marguerite Lewars, Miss Jamaica 1961, handed out the special prizes and place the jewelled crown on the queen’s head. After placing the scarlet cape around the queen’s shoulders, Miss Lewars also presented her with the 24”-high Charm Trophy, donated in perpetuity by Seprod Ltd, which she will keep for one year until her reign expires. Miss Jamaica 1962 then presented Miss Lewars with a replica of the CharmTrophy which she will keep permanently. Mr Vere Johns and Mr KenWilliamson, sales manager of John Crook Ltd, presented the new queen with the keys to the 19625 Austin Henley Mark 11 sports car, which was awarded as first prize. Miss Jamaica 1962, in her speech, thanked her sponsors and expressed her gratitude for the confidence placed in her, and promised to be a worthy ambassador of Jamaica. The queen is a past student of Westwood High School andWest India Training College, and is the manageress of the Furniture Department of H.W. Charley & Co. She is the daughter of Mrs Inez Murray of 7 Trevennion Road, Cross Roads. Mrs Nadi Wynter of the Contest Committee presented prizes for entering, and baskets of flowers to the other contestants. The girls were all awarded one-year passes for two to the Regal Theatre and gifts fromMax Factor, Revlon and NuWear Garments. Members of the audience and the other contestants gathered on stage to congratulate the new queen as she began her yearlong reign. MURRAY CONTINUED FROM 28 The Miss Jamaica 1962 contestants at the Arawak Hotel in July 1962. In front row (from left) are Ken Rhino, chief organiser of the Miss Jamaica Beauty Contest; Nick Brimo, administrativemanager of the Issa chain of hotels; Allison Bowen (Miss Ocho Rios Hotels Association); Fay Timoll (Miss Caribbean Recording); Barbara de Casseres (Miss Austin); Nolia Skipton (Miss Issas); Ruby Meghoo (Miss Manchester Chamber of Commerce); and Mr John Kernan, general manager of the Arawak Hotel. In the second row (from left) are Joy Reid (Miss Vent Vue); Marlene Murray (Miss Flamingo Hotel); Doreen Turner (Miss Vent Vue); Marlene Murray (Miss Flamingo Hotel); Doreen Turner (Miss Hermine’s Garments), Lorna Aexander (Miss Roux), Violet Meghoo (Miss National Car Rental) and Julyiet Ritchie (Miss Nu Wear Garments). In back are Pauline Fuller (Miss Portland Chambers of Commerce); Angela Hanna (Miss Avis Rent-A-Car); and Patricia Ritch, (Miss General Tyres). Mr Brimo, Mr Kernan and Miss Bowen were hosts of the contestants at the hotel. Bob Marley (centre) urges then Prime Minister Michael Manley (left) and then Opposition Leader Edward Seaga to shake hands at the One Love Peace Concert at the National Stadium on April 22 1978. THE GLEANER ARCHIVES Bob Marley Peace Concert 1978 ‘ONE LOVE’ jamaica at UNIQUELY JAMAICAN LIKKLE BUT TALLAWAH!