Independence Special: Jamaica @ 60 & Beyond

NAME OF FEATURE | THE GLEANER | SUNDAY, JULY 31, 2022 8 INDEPENDENCE SPECIAL: JAMAICA @ 60 AND B YOND F ATURE | THE GLEANER | SUNDAY, JULY 31, 2022 jamaica at ROAD TO INDEPENDENCE PublishedWednesday, August 8, 1962 THE FIRST PARLIAMENT of the independent Jamaica, summoned to a joint sitting by proclamation of Her Majesty the Queen, was opened in state at Gordon House yesterday morning by the Queen’s sister, Her Royal Highness the Princess Margaret. Before a full house of newly created Senators and of the Members of the House of Representatives and a glittering gathering of dignitaries from home and abroad. Princess Margaret read the Speech from the Throne in a clear musical voice, and with the assembly standing read the Queen’s personal message. In her message, the Queen recalled her visit to Jamaica some years ago and added, “It is with every good wish for the future that I warmly welcome Jamaica to the Commonwealth Family of Nations.” Her Royal Highness entered the legislative chamber of Gordon House on the arm of her husband, the Earl of Snowdon, and smiled to the legislative as she walked up the aisle to take her seat on the red-carpeted dais. MULTICOLOURED Her dress was of stiff white satin with the fitted bodice and the side panels of the bouffant skirt embellished in the embroidered crescent of diamonds, pearls and silver. The royal gown gleaned wide the medals of her orders and decorations which included the blue cash of the Royal Victorian Order. Her tiara and necklace were peals and silver. In the distinguished visitors gallery the multicoloured robes of delegates fromGhana and Nigeria, and the golden robe of the delegate from Ceylon, contrasted sharply with the formal greys and blacks of the representatives of European powers and the United States and the Jamaicans andWest Indians. Seated nearest the Bar in the places of honour were Mr Lyndon Johnson, Vice-President of the United States, and opposite him, Mr Hugh Fraser, Minister of Aviation in the British Government and a former Colonel-Affairs-Under-secretary. Said Princess Margaret to the assembled Parliament, on behalf of the Queen: “My Government in the United Kingdom has laid down its responsibilities and has ceased to have any authority in and over Jamaica after more than 300 years of close association with the island and her people. “But both my Government in the United Kingdom and my Government in Jamaica wish to maintain those bonds of friendship which have existed for over three centuries and have made it possible for Jamaica to proceed to independence peacefully and happily.” The Throne Speech added that with the attainment of Independence the Government of Jamaica has assumed responsibility for the management of foreign affairs and Commonwealth relations and for the defence of Jamaica. The Speech expressed the deep appreciation and pride of the Government of Jamaica for acceptance by the Commonwealth, Prime Ministers of Jamaica as a member JAMAICA CELEBRATES INDEPENDENCE – Princess opens first Parliament – Her Royal Highness in Throne speech: – UK and Jamaica wish to maintain bonds of friendship John Crow tink himown pickneywhite. TRANSLATION: Young John crows are white when hatched, but do not remain white. (Anderson, Cundall) EXPLANATION: What is one’s own is always the best. OLE TIME PEOPLE USED TO SAY ... PLEASE SEE CELEBRATES, 10 Her Royal Highness the Princess Margaret reads the Queen’s speech with which she declared open Jamaica’s first Parliament on August 7, 1962. On the dais with her are His Excellency the Governor General, Sir Kenneth Blackburne; the Earl of Snowdon and Lady Blackburne, with members of the Royal Party standing behind. In front of the dais are the bewigged Speaker of the House of Representatives, the Hon Tacius Golding, and the President of the Senate, the Hon Senator G.C. Campbell. In front of them are clerks of the Legislator and, at right, members of the Parliamentary Opposition. THE GLEANER ARCHIVES