Tuesday, August 11, 2020

NAME OF FEATURE | THE GLEANER | TUESDAY, AUGUST 11, 2020 2 OPTIMIST CLUB OF KINGSTON 40TH ANNIVERSARY Messages SINCE YOUR inception in 1980, the Optimist Club has been a beacon in Jamaica and the Caribbean. As you commemorate this momentous occasion of your 40th anniversary, I wish to offer you my heartiest commen- dations. It is irrefutable, the overwhelming degree to which Jamaica has been built by the selfless dedication and commitment of the Optimist Club and other like- minded service clubs. NUMEROUS LIVES have been influenced andmoulded by your holistic development of our nation’s young peo- ple. By your example of patriotism, respect for the law, empowerment of and belief in young people, coupled with service above self, more Jamaicans will realise that investing in the well-being of humankind, community and the world is something each person should actively become involved in. Though you mark this occasion at a time riddled by fear, numerous changes and unprecedented up- heaval, I urge you to stay true to your creed and “to look at the sunny side of everything and make your optimism come true”. Now more than ever are people in need of your message of hope and opti- mism. In the words of William Clinton, “Volunteering is an act of heroism on a grand scale. And it matters profoundly. It does more than help people beat the odds; it changes the odds.” As you continue to be exemplars, nurturers and thought leaders, be rewarded by the joy of being in- struments of positive change. I wish for you a joyous 40th anniversary and beyond. Well done, and congratulations! SIR PATRICK ALLEN Governor General A beacon in Jamaica and the Caribbean CONGRATULATIONS TO the Optimist Club of Kingston on at- taining the milestone achieve- ment of 40 years of service to Kingston and the wider Jamaica. Your ruby anniversary celebra- tion is testament to your positive impact on the communities you serve. THE WORK of the Optimist Club as a service entity has been primarily focused on the welfare of youth as captured by your motto, ‘Friend of Youth’. Jamaica has more than 70 clubs, and many children have benefited from the wide range of multifaceted projects carried out in communities across our capital of Kingston over the years. The Optimist Club is an organ- isation built on service, volun- teerism, and charity. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that as an agent of positive change and impact, the Optimist Club con- tinues to be a force for building goodwill and providing tremen- dous benefit to the people. Your contributions in the area of out- reach, particularly in education and economic development of youth, have been exemplary. The Optimist Club is well known for its consistent participa- tion in Labour Day activities and other community-building and improvement projects. The club’s footprint can be seen in commu- nities across the Corporate Area. As a key partner in fostering a culture of giving back, you are considered important stakehold- ers in the development of our nation. In that regard, Jamaica truly appreciates the work of the Optimist Club of Kingston in investing in young people and improving the human and social capital of our country. As you celebrate 40 years of service in Kingston, I encourage you to continue to build on your strong record of success. I commend the leadership of the Optimist Club of Kingston for the many transformational projects which have been im- plemented to date. Congratulations, once again, on your 40th anniversary; I wish you many more years of success as you continue to work in the interest of your fellow citizens. God bless you. ANDREW HOLNESS Prime Minister Built on service, volunteerism and charity I AM delighted to join with you in celebrating your 40th anniversary of service to the Jamaican society. We know from the evidence presented that the Optimist Club of Kingston (OCK), in particular, has championed the cause of providing a helping hand to our young people in many communities across the Corporate Area, especially in these times of great need. IN MANY ways, the activities of your movement have strengthened the spirit and brightened the outlook of many communities that are challenged by the difficult conditions in which they exist. It is for this reason that I would like to encourage your leadership, and mem- bership, to continue with your endeavour to build a better society by your small, but necessary, efforts at the community level, inspiring our children and youth to be better citizens. Since the beginning of 2020, all of us have been im- pacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has affected our life experience. We are challenged every day to practise social distancing, wash our hands, and wear masks to protect ourselves and communities. I know that despite the challenges faced, your organ- isation has not relented in its drive to support those in need. It was commendable that the OCK was able to quickly respond to the challenge to its in-person out- reach activities by using its online platform to bridge the gap in its community-support initiative. In this time of crisis, maintaining contact and channelling the correct information to those we serve will always give us the ability to make better decisions. Indeed, it is organisations like yours that must Inspiring our children and youth to be better citizens PLEASE SEE INSPIRING , 4