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Man dies in stormy accident

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Angelo Laurence, Gleaner Writer

Hurricane Dean has reportedly claimed the life of at least one person in Manchester.

Unconfirmed reports out of Mandeville are that the man, a motorist  at the time of his death, had the vehicle he was travelling in lifted and thrown against a utility pole by strong winds.

The accident is said to have occurred at approximately 12:10 a.m. this morning.

His body was taken to the Lyn’s Funeral home to await autopsy and investigation. The name of the dead man has not been ascertained.

Outside of the unfortunate incident, Hurricane Dean left behind blocked roads, flooded drains and many persons without the roof to their homes. Several schools have also suffered the same fate.

The town of Mandeville suffered mostly from fallen trees and roof damage. However, two homes on Gibson Close were almost completely submerged with occupants still trapped inside.

When The Gleaner visited the area they could still be seen looking out the window.

The community of Porus, approximately two miles outside of Mandeville, suffered extensive wind damage to several homes.

South Manchester seems to be hardest hit as was the case with hurricane Ivan and Emily.

The roof of the Marlie Hill Primary school, a designated shelter, was blown away.

According to councillor Icilda Brown, who was out with a chain saw helping to clear the roads said approximately 200 persons were seriously affected by the hurricane and are in need of food, water and shelter at this time.

The situation is the same for other communities such as Plowden, Thatch Walk and Cocoa Walk.

Alligator Pond was also seriously affected by flooding. The residents had refused to evacuate before the hurricane, although transportation was provided.

In the meantime the Jamaica Red Cross, located in the RADA building on Caledonia Road are busy trying to assist the scores of persons, who have turned up requesting help. 

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