Monday, August 20th, 2007...1:24 pm

NWA working to restore Palisadoes

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The National Work Agency (NWA) said it will be trying to restore at least single lane traffic to the Palisadoes main road from east Kingston to Port Royal as quickly as possible.


Photo by Norman Grindley/Deputy Chief Photographer: soldiers on patrol head down the Palisadoes main road today, which has been blocked with sand and silt swept on to the road by the sea.  

The sea dumped several feet of sand from the eastern side of the roadway onto the road converting the stretch into an extended shoreline. Several residents walked as far along the blocked roadway which extended from the Gypsum plant to the round-a-bout at the Norman Manley International Airport.

The walls of the plant were torn down while poles, power lines and billboards lay on the sandy path. Triston Tulloch, site supervisor at the NWA said the Jamaica Power Service Company (JPS) is to remove its power lines and then the Agency would use some heavy duty equipment to clear up the area

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