Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007...3:36 pm

Luxury hurricane living goes wrong

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Ross Sheil, Gleaner Online Editor

The enviable amongst us would have equipped ourselves with a generator before the arrival of Hurricane Dean. As deejay Elephant Man explained in today’s Star, that after leaving ‘mackerel money’ for his family, “… mi guh buy one Delco, cause yuh done no sey wi a artiste an mi haffi have mi A/C an TV an ting.”

It seems that for some people, luxuries and not just ‘mackerel money’ are the essentials items. Take this one man from North St. Andrew who was keen to show off his $180,000 generator and like Ele, ran his air-conditioning unit throughout the storm.

“After the hurricane he called me at home and said, ‘Anything you need, to charge or iron anything, then let me know and you can come round and use the generator’,” explained the reader who gave the story.

However it seems that after the storm our reader was content to turn up for work looking a little crumpled, since without having light and turned down his wealthy neighbour, he had every excuse.

“I got back from work and this lady had gone round to his house and heard this BOOM! … She had gone round and plugged in her microwave – he had been running his A/C at the same time!”

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