Thursday, August 23rd, 2007...2:18 pm

Stay up-to-date with the relief effort

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Ross Sheil, Gleaner Online Editor

“Imagine…you’re a relief worker with a truck full of emergency supplies, trying to find those most in need. But which roads are open? Which hospitals are still standing? How do you reach the people needing help?”

… so says a website for the charity Map Action (above) which travels to disaster zones and provides assessments with the intention of informing donors and individuals where to send funds.

So donors – if you are reading this – a team from Map Action are currently in Jamaica. Click here to learn more about their assessment of the island post-Hurricane Dean.

Meanwhile another useful website is that of the Cuban Metereological Service. The site is written in Spanish but you can translate the content by simply dragging the URL into Google Language Tools.

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