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Bog Walk Gorge – Before and After Gustav

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The roadway through the Bog Walk Gorge in St. Catherine, which was severely damaged by flood waters caused by Tropical Storm Gustav in August, was officially re-opened on Sunday, October 5, by Minister of Transport and Works, Michael Henry.

Mr. Henry stated that the closure of the roadway impacted the economic activities of persons using the roadway in one form or another. “A lot of businesses lost income because of the other roads being used and the diversion of the traffic,” he pointed out, noting that the livelihood of persons who vend in the area should improve.

The Minister said he was satisfied with the quality of work executed by Bouygues Travaux Publics Jamaica Limited, builders of Highway 2000, which did the work at no cost to the Government.

Mr. Henry said he travelled on the roadway a few days earlier and recommended that a few more road markings be done, and that barriers and additional reflectors be installed in some critical areas of the roadway.

He also noted that there are still some things left to be done, but it was important that it be opened, as it was having an impact on the travelling public, motorists and businesses. “There is still work to be done in raising the level of the walls and we have to begin the de-silting of the river, because that water level in the river is high and that has to start,” he explained.

Addressing the matter of the alternative routes through Barry and Sligoville, Mr. Henry said he is currently awaiting the estimates to expand and upgrade them, from Bouygues, so he could begin raising the money.

The Minister pointed out that following the destruction of the roadway through the Gorge, he also requested Bouygues to look at Crescent Road, another proposed alternative route, and to present an estimate for upgrading.

Mr. Henry said he would be observing keenly, how the cemented section of the roadway through the Gorge holds up, as that could influence road building in Jamaica.


 BOG WALK GORGE : Before and after Gustav and the repair process.

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