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Tips on innovation
An absolute ocean of ink has been spilled about innovation, an insight that will put you on the top gear. First, everyone should feel they can be involved in innovation, whether it is creating new products, new business processes or even new management

The top time-management mistakes
Are your time-management efforts not getting you the results you envisioned? Could be you’re making one of the five mistakes that can most easily get you derailed. Troubleshoot your technique by making sure that you aren’t doing one or more of these thing

Stop wasting valuable time
Most leadership teams spend just three hours per month making strategic decisions. That translates into less than a week per year. Worse, many teams fritter away those precious hours on unfocused, inconclusive discussion

The biggest management challenges in 2008
Seven years into the 21st century, the world of business and management is certainly going through, if not a revolution, at least an evolution on a speedy scale. Traditional business models are getting turned on their heads, resources and markets...

How to gather competitive research
To formulate an effective corporate strategy, it's essential to understand two basic questions: What is your company doing, and what are your competitors doing? You may have a handle on what's going on under your own roof, but developing a detailed...

What Is Web 2.0?
Ask a dozen tech pundits to describe Web 2.0 and you're likely to get two dozen explanations as to what it is. The precise definition remains open to debate — and in some ways, that's exactly the point.

How web advertisers know what you want
Imagine knowing exactly who’s interested in your product and exactly when they’re ready to buy it. That’s the ultimate promise of behavioural targeting. By using a highly sophisticated set of software tools and analytics, marketers can tailor Web ads

Time management for successful entrepreneurs
During my 15 years in business and my 10 years of consulting with entrepreneurs and business owners, I have had countless discussions about time management and the goal of increased efficiency.

Getting your consultants to deliver
They steal your watch to tell you the time; the old saw about consultancies still rings true. A survey says 28 per cent of organisations are dissatisfied with the consultancies they've used. Here is an insider's guide to getting top service...

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