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Dealing with office politics
Like it or not, every workplace is a political environment. But operating effectively within it doesn’t have to mean sucking up, lying, or slinging dirt. In its purest form, office politics is simply about getting from here to there...

Understanding the causes of pressure at work
There are numerous conditions in the workplace, many of which are linked, that can contribute to high levels of pressure. Some of the most obvious are - insufficient resources—not enough time, funds...

Managing pressure at work
For many people, being part of the business world comes at a substantial personal cost: stress. “It’s a high stress job,” people often say, as if this testifies to the position’s prestige.

Managing employees in remote locations - Building a team that can work well at a distance
A dispersed team depends on people who can be productive without a boss roaming the hallways or a trusted co-worker sitting nearby. Team members should be motivated, disciplined, and flexible with their time

How to manage employees in remote locations
Thanks to technology and globalization, more and more business teams are working together across state lines and international borders. Many corporations employ 'dispersed teams,' where a manager in New York may communicate daily with colleagues in Bost

Seven key qualities of successful entrepreneurs
A recent poll conducted by Forbes magazine shows that majority of its readers would prefer to become a billionaire rather than a Nobel peace prize winner, a great scientist or a famous athlete.

Are you cut out to be an Entrepreneur?
Are you tired of working for someone else? Do you feel that you have a great idea that can be the start of a great business? Do you see opportunities everywhere you look? Well, then, you might just be an entrepreneur.

Managing Organisations: Responding to a radical change in strategy
When confronted with a major change of strategy the organisation may have to change the way it operates in as a radical a way. This is likely to affect all aspects of the organisation, the structures, the processes and the people who operate them.

Your hobby should not be your business
Great nations are built on the premise of following your dreams. Today, that maxim is applied to everyday life, especially careers. You’ve probably seen plenty of advice about turning your hobby into your job and making money doing what you love.

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