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The Top 8 Reasons - Why Startups Fail to Get Venture Capital Funding
Much has been mentioned about entrepreneurship and venture capital. Even potentially good companies are often turned away by venture capitalists.

Taxation, an annual nightmare
Two years after a presidential advisory panel proposed simplifying the federal tax code, its growing complexity is driving more small-business owners to seek help from accountants, lawyers, and other tax professionals, according to a new survey.

Launching a New Product
New product launches are crucial to the success of a business; they demand careful planning and flawless execution. Internal communications are vital to the early success of the program, as is the support of senior management, who must commit resources to

GOING GLOBAL: How Entrepreneurs are Taking their Business to New Borders
There are 6.5 billion people living on this planet. To the environmentalist, that figure immediately conjures up fears of pollution and global warning

The Role of Entrepreneurship in Nation Building
The Technology Innovation Centre (TIC) at the University of Technology, Jamaica will host a speaker forum entitled 'The Role of Entrepreneurship in Nation Building' o

Young Entrepreneurs Association Feature on Entrepreneurship
Everyone can always benefit from networking and marketing themselves. Business is driven by relationships and marketing yourself requires you to build strong and meaningful relationshipsâ”many that will be long term.

Women in poorer nations twice as likely to become entrepreneurs
Women in the world's poorer nations have a higher rate of entrepreneurial activity than those in wealthier nations, according to a new global study.

Young Entrepreneurs Association of Jamaica feature on Entrepreneurship
The traditional cliché of entrepreneurs is that they have an idea and vision. They build companies to fulfill that vision.

The Dynamics of Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship is first and foremost a mindset. It covers an individual's motivation and capacity, independently or within an organization, to identify an opportunity and to pursue it in order to produce new value or economic success

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