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How to fire an employee who's holding you back
Donald Trump makes it look easy, but the words "you're fired" are always difficult to say. Letting an employee go is painful, and for many managers the process is fraught with sleepless nights and stomach-churning anxiety.

Coping with Office Politics
Youíve heard the old saying that, who you know matters as much as what you know. Even more importantly, who likes you counts a great deal in getting ahead in most organisations.

A Good Speech is Like a Good Relationship - 20 Tips for Presentation Success
Contrary to what many people think, a speech is not a performance. Rather, it's a relationship -- ideally a meaningful one -- that you create with a group of people.

Networking and Marketing Yourself
Everyone can always benefit from networking and marketing themselves. Business is driven by relationships and marketing yourself, it requires to build strong and meaningful relationships ómany that will be long term.

The 7 Interview Questions Entrepreneurs Must Ask When Hiring
There are no magic bullets when it comes to job interview questions, but the way you structure your queries is important: It's the interviewer's job to create a framework for the discussion and prevent it from running off the rails.

Building a Winning Web Site - II
If your Web site employs elements of an online community such as discussion boards, list serves, chat rooms, and the like, you will need moderators. They blend facilitation skills with editorial judgments to assure the appropriateness of content

Building a Winning Web Site
Think of the Web sites you personally consider 'good' Chances are that at least some of them don't include the most state-of-the-art technology; they may not be the most visually attractive sites on the web.

'Spice' of an idea
Having travelled all over the world Debbie Chin reveled in the response it would bring when asked, 'Where are you from'?

10 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make During Job Interviews
Hiring is one of the hardest parts of managing a team. A lot is riding on the initial meeting, and if you're nervous or ill-prepared—or both—it can make you do strange things

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