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Breakthrough thinking from inside the box
Imagine attending a meeting at which you and your colleagues have to invent an idea for a new business. The only instruction you're given is to "think outside the box."

Weighing the Pros and Cons of a Career Break
Career breaks have never been more popular, as overworked employees look for some time away from their same old, same old routine. Most often people have one of two motivations for taking time off: either other priorities demand attention, or there’s a ne

Make an impression
Your resume should make an impression to the prospective employer, with all the effort you are putting into the content of your résumé, spend some time on how the résumé looks and feels as well. You want to present all the information to its best advantag

Working for a younger manager - Utilising coaching techniques
Coaching is not about directing, telling, or advising. Coaching is about asking open questions, revealing the dynamics of a situation, enabling someone to make sense of what is occurring, and inspiring them to generate ideas.

Working for a younger manager
Generation X, born between the mid-1960s and early 1980s, has challenged the restraints imposed by their parents. Gen X values bold expressions of individuality, seeking new creative and moral ground...

How to manage employees in remote locations
Thanks to technology and globalization, more and more business teams are working together across state lines and international borders. Many corporations employ “dispersed teams”

Managing work and personal life - coping with parenting
Raising children requires you to think very differently about work-life balance. If you are a single parent, the challenge is even more demanding; perhaps it is the most demanding situation possible. Indeed, kids change everything and you...

Managing work and personal life
Regardless of what your personal life entails, you need to know how to balance your work and life demands. Everyone who works is subject to pressure from the workplace that can impinge on personal time.

Surviving office politics: observe and listen
The most important tools for negotiating workplace politics are your own skills of observation. “Watch who gets promoted, ignored, patted on the back." “Who holds the power? Who do people listen to and not listen to?”

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