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Say cheese - Flash laptops promise a speedy, quiet future
A faster, quieter laptop has arrived, with cool, lightweight flash chips where the hot-and-heavy hard drive once sat, but limited capacity and high prices mean the technology is not yet ready for the mass market.

White Paper on Offshore Development of Technical Documentation
The Writers Block (TWB) technical documentation outsourcing and training services provider has released a White Paper on Offshore Development of Technical Documentation.

Gender pay gap emerges early, study finds
A dramatic pay gap emerges between women and men in America the year after they graduate from college and widens over the ensuing decade, according to research released on Monday.

The Jamaica Employers' Federation- Building International Business Bridges
The World Bank publishes an annual report on the ease of doing business in different countries. The report tracks a set of regulatory indicators related to business start-up

Spam epidemic could make e-mail obsolete
Due to increasing levels of spam, companies may soon have to look beyond e-mail as the primary method of communicating with employees and customers

Employee Web use poses risks to company networks
Social networking sites are not only biting into workplace productivity -- they can also pose a major security risk, new research shows.

Cheap long-distance service -- without the hassle
If you'd like to save money on your office phone bill by switching to Skype, but worry that using the low-cost long-distance service may become a distraction for your employees

Retiring baby boomers expected to hurt companies
More than 25 percent of U.S. businesses have done little to plan for the effects of an aging workforce, according to a new national study.

Technology managers stressed, overworked
The next time your computer crashes, you might want to go easy on your IT guy.

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