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Concerns raised about UK terror law
Concerns about plans to exclude people from the UK if they go abroad to fight with extremist groups have been raised by the UK's reviewer of terror laws.

Sierra Leone burial workers protest, dump Ebola infected bodies in public
Burial workers in the Sierra Leonean city of Kenema have dumped bodies in public in protest of non-payment of allowances for handling Ebola victims.

Cop will not be indicted for killing black teen Michael Brown
The decision was announced a short while ago. Officer Darren Wilson, the suburban St Louis officer fatally shot Brown after a confrontation in August.

Ferguson timeline: Grand jury reaches decision in case
A grand jury has reached a decision about whether to indict a white police officer in the shooting death of Michael Brown. A timeline of key events following the fatal police shooting attached.

US defence secretary to step down
The US media is reporting that Chuck Hagel will resign as US defence secretary after less than two years in the top US military post.

US police kill 12-year-old boy carrying fake gun
A 12-year-old boy has been shot dead by police in the US city of Cleveland, after brandishing what turned out to be a fake gun in a playground.

Suicide bomber kills at least 45 Afghans
Dozens more were wounded when the bomber, who was on foot and mingling with the crowd, detonated his explosives, said Mokhis Afgha, the spokesman for the governor of Paktika province.

Ferguson tense ahead of grand jury decision
Tension has been mounting in Ferguson and elsewhere in the St. Louis area in recent days, with many speculating that the grand jury's decision would be announced today.

INTERNATIONAL: 28 executed on bus in Kenya
Officials and witnesses report that the gunmen separated non-Muslims by asking passengers to read from the Koran and said those who failed were then shot in the head.

Millions to escape deportation from US under new immigration plan
US President Barack Obama unveiled his plan, last night which he is enacting without Congress.

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