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Americans treated for Ebola in Atlanta discharged, recovering
A doctor at the hospital that treated two American aid workers who were infected with the deadly Ebola virus in Africa says their discharge poses no public health risk.

50,000 people sealed off in Liberian slum to contain Ebola spread, riot breaks
Riot police and soldiers acting on their president's orders used scrap wood and barbed wire to seal off 50,000 people inside their Liberian slum today, trying to contain the Ebola outbreak.

Liberia admits 17 Ebola patients have gone missing
Seventeen suspected Ebola patients have gone missing in Liberia after a health centre in the capital was attacked.

Unarmed Missouri teen repeatedly shot - autopsy
A Missouri teenager fatally shot by police suffered a bullet wound to his right arm that may have occurred when he put his hands up or when his back was turned to the shooter ...

Federal autopsy ordered in Missouri teen's death
The Justice Department already had deepened its civil rights investigation into the shooting. Officials said a day earlier that 40 FBI agents were going door-to-door gathering information.

Police deploy tear gas to impose Ferguson, Missouri curfew
In announcing the curfew, Nixon said that though many protesters were making themselves heard peacefully, the state would not allow looters to endanger the community.

Possibly six months to control Ebola crisis - charity group
Medical charity group, MSF, says the outbreak of Ebola in West Africa will take at least six months to be brought under control.

Officer involved in killing of unarmed black Missouri teenager named
Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson has named the officer involved in killing of unarmed black teenager.

UN sounds alarm on humanitarian crisis in Iraq
The UN has declared its highest level of emergency in Iraq as a humanitarian crisis follows the rapid advance by Islamic State militants in the north.

Brazilian presidential candidate dies in plane crash
Brazilian presidential candidate Eduardo Campos died today when the small plane that was carrying him and several campaign officials plunged into a residential neighborhood.

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