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JLP to go ahead with protest against fare increase
The transport minister had originally increased the fare for the elderly from $20 to $60, but reduced the amount to $40 yesterday following intense objection from senior citizens as well as trade union leaders.

PHOTOS: New Kingston cross-dressers, onlookers clash, cops injured
A group of cross-dressing men this morning clashed with bystanders in New Kingston in a fracas that also resulted in injuries to two police personnel.

UPDATE: Gov't cuts bus fare for elderly only, new structure on for Sunday
The Transport Ministry has cut the proposed increase in the fares for senior citizens traveling on Jamaica Urban Transit Company buses.

Government 'very concerned' about Mico/Hydel accreditation problems
The Government says it is very concerned about reports emerging that many college graduates cannot benefit fully from their degrees because of accreditation issues.

No JUTC fare increases come Sunday, plans put on hold
The Government has reportedly decided to put on hold the Jamaica Urban Transport Company (JUTC) fare increases planned for Sunday.

More JTA setbacks: Presidential elections dispute for trial next year
The trial over the disputed 2014 presidential elections of the Jamaica Teachers’ Association (JTA) is set to start in May next year in the Supreme Court.

Jamaica set to pass fifth IMF test
The signal was made clear today that Jamaica is well set to pass its fifth consecutive International Monetray Fund (IMF) test, since it hammered out the latest Extended Fund Facility.

What the Privy Council will determine in Fray's appeal
The United Kingdom-based Privy Council is to be asked to determine if the local court erred when it rejected expert evidence that Jamaican Stephen Fray was suffering from a mental disorder ...

IMF, Finance Minister to host performance review press conference today
Officials of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) will this morning present their findings on Jamaica's economic performance during the April to June quarter.

International senior citizens group concerned about JUTC fare hike
An international group which advocates for the rights of senior citizens is raising concern that the impending fare hike announced by the Jamaica Urban Transit Company could impact the health of ...

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