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JHTA writes to Phillips over alcohol tax changes
Last Thursday, the Finance Minister announced that the concessionary rate would be removed and one specific special consumption tax on all alcoholic beverages implemented.

JUTC begins claims settlement
A cheque in the amount of $500,000 was paid over yesterday in relation to damages awarded to claimants in civil suits against the state-owned bus company on an order of the Supreme Court.

NEPA serves stop order on North South Highway company
NEPA says the order is being enforced against Jamaica North South Highway for unauthorized clearing of lands outside of the approved area for the construction of the North South highway.

We've been poor for too long, says Phillips
"... as a country and we can only get out of it not by short term palliatives, but by laying the foundations for medium term and long-term growth," says the Finance Minister.

Phone disconnected at Opposition Leader's Office for non-payment of bill
The matter was raised in the House of Representatives yesterday by Member of Parliament for South West St Catherine, Everald Warmington.

NSWMA trying to put out Riverton fire by Friday following NEPA warning
In the meantime, the NSWMA says there’s to be greater control over the number of persons who have access to the landfill as part of an initial review of security arrangements.

Phillips says contract workers missing tax axe, aims to address issue
Speaking at a post budget press conference yesterday, Dr Phillips said the Government has taken note of the trend by employers to engage workers on a contractual basis instead of full-time.

Government owes billions to suppliers, says Shaw
The Opposition spokesman on finance, Audley Shaw, has disclosed that the government has built-up $47.87 billion in arrears.

AUDIO: Withdrawals levy will not drive growth of informal banking - Phillips
Speaking at a press conference this morning, the Finance Minister Dr Peter Phillips said he does not expect that the impending levy on withdrawals will drive a growth in informal banking.

Withdraw bank levy, says Shaw
The Opposition spokesman on finance, Audley Shaw, says Finance Minister, Dr Peter Phillips, must scrap plans to introduce a tax on withdrawals from banks before the close of the Budget Debate.

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