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Portmore six convicted for water theft
Nathalie Miller, Barrington Barnes, Pauline May Smith, Jennifer Rowe, and Kedow Williams have been fined $8,000 or 30 days imprisonment. Nicole Monique Gray also from Portmore was fined $8,000.

Jamaica condemns Israel's use of force in Gaza conflict
The latest data shows that the escalating crisis has claimed more than 600 Palestinian lives and with more than 3,700 persons injured.

Avoid strangers, police remind children in summer security tips
There is also a reminder to keep harmful substances and implements out of the reach of children and not to light open fires or leave fires unsupervised.

Crime Stop doubles reward for information on missing Samunya
Last night, Crime Stop, which seeks information from anonymous persons to help solve crimes, increased the monetary award for information on Samunya, from $50,000 to $100,000.

Long-awaited Disabilities Act passed
The Bill also makes provision for persons with a disability to be entitled to the enjoyment of privileges, interest, benefits and treatments as every other Jamaican.

St James cop implicated in release of prisoner freed of corruption
Constable Kirton Green, who was charged with corruptly soliciting money, was on trial with Constables Raymond Johnson and Alicia Hutchinson.

Court reserves ruling in case brought against senator's dissmissal
Williams is contending that Holnessí use of the letter to axe him from the Upper House last year was a breach of his constitutional rights.

UPDATE: Correctional officers back on the job
The officers went on go slow yesterday to register their frustration with the protracted salary dispute with the government.

Former JFJ director says sex-ed report flawed
The report, which was released by the JFJ last Friday, conceded that there were weaknesses in the oversight and vetting of the sex education programme.

Holness said a way had to be made for his supporters, Williams claims
According to an affidavit filed by Williams, Holness made the comment after he informed him that he would not resign from the Senate because he had deliberately stayed out of the leadership race.

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