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Policeman under probe after two people shot at party
The policeman reportedly had an altercation with a patron at the party during which he was allegedly hit by something he believed to be a firearm. He responded by firing his weapon.

NDM joins in opposing bank withdrawal tax
The NDM says the move sets a dangerous precedence. It says the Government should instead raise funds by reducing corruption and waste.

Holness suggests gov't increase support to Alpha Boys' Home
Earlier this month, Minister of Youth Lisa Hanna said the institution would close its residential facilities in June after more than 135 years.

Police chief shocked at policeman's suicide
Commissioner Ellington is appealling to spouses, colleagues, relatives and even neighbours to report, without delay, any signs of emotional unease affecting police officers.

Another policeman commits suicide
The CCU says the policeman and his girlfriend were having a domestic dispute over text messages which came in on his cell phone.

Food For The Poor secures release of 21 prisoners for Easter
Most of those released are considered non-violent offenders who were serving time for misdemeanour offences such as traffic violations and praedial larceny.

Riverton fire contained - ODPEM
Notwithstanding, the agency is appealing to members of the public to avoid the area as much as possible or to exercise extreme caution to guard against undue exposure to the smoke coming from the dump

JLP concerned about frequency of Riverton fires, impact on health
Smith says the smoke coming from the dump this time around could have a greater impact because most residents are home or participating in activities to mark the Easter holidays.

Search on for 17-y-o ward of the State
She has been identified as Kadine Gordon, who was being housed at the Homestead Place of Safety, in Stony Hill, St Andrew at the time she went missing.

74-y-o Trelawny resident missing
Reports from the Clarks Town Police are that Hynds was last seen in Daniel Town in the parish dressed in a grey pants and a multi-coloured shirt.

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