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Sunsets at Rick’s Cafe

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Negril is perched right on the west coast of Jamaica. That’s right where the sun sets on this fair isle every night. Have a look:


Now, if you’re the type (like me) that likes to sit with nature and contemplate the grandeur of the Earth, the passing of the day that has gone and the days that are to come – there are many tranquil natural spots along the Negril coastline to enjoy this shining view. But if you are the type (like me again!) that wants to listen to some good music, surround yourself with friends and cocktails after leaping into the turquoise sea from the top of a cliff – then head to Rik’s Cafe.


Beware, it is extremely touristy (so much so that the tourists even ‘take-on’ the locals at cliff jumping. I watched as one tourist crowd tired of waiting for some kids to jump from a particularly high point, for the sum of two US dollars, and just jumped themselves screaming “this height is nothing!!”). It’s a little over the top (no pun intended) but the drinks are good and the food is tasty and they certainly have a very excellent view out to the sun. As well as a swimming pool. And shady gazebos. And waiter service throughout. And you can party into the night.


If I were to be mean, I’d say it’s a small slice of Cancun in Jamaica. If you know what I mean by that you might stay away. But having said that – some of my best nights have been in Cancun! You could always decide for yourself over a Red Stripe and the red sun…

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