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Jurassic Park

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This is a bit off the beaten track. Which we like. And definitely worth a visit…

Location: Negril Spots, Near Little London.
How to get there: Get between Negril Spots & Little London and ask directions to “Jurassic Park” and “The dinosaur place”
Approximate Map: Click here to visit google maps


Located in the vacinity of Orange Hill, if you search hard enough, you will find the most unlikely of pets prehistoric. Pterodactyls to be precise. It wasn’t long ago that if you searched hard enough (or not so hard) in the hills surrounding Orange Hill you would find a different kind of colourful surprise hiding amongst the bushes. Marajuana to be precise. The police have since chopped down this inspirational (allegedly inspirational!) herb (illegal narcotic) and it is no longer to be found abounding – but a visit to the nearby Jurassic park might just leave you similarly inspired:


jurassic park gate.JPG

This wiered and wonderful collection of…I am at a loss to find the precise noun…let’s call it ‘garden furniture’ is all made by hand (and hand-held blow torch) on the premises of this small park. Ornaments range from the unexpected talons of dinosaurs and lurking comical figures through to the more practical 8ft candelabra and illuminating outdoor wall hangings:




The owner wasn’t around when we stopped-by, but his workers were extremely helpful in showing us how they crafted these grand designs – and quite rightfully, with great pride. Prices are available on request – but similar to some of the exhibits, aren’t for the feint hearted. But then again, why should they be – these lovingly re-created beasts are absolutely unique and if I had enough outside space at home I’d certainly want one to surprise peaking neighbours and entertain garden guests.





If you’re passing through this area it’s well worth a detour for half an hour or so – especially if you like surreal experimental travel.



There’s a small shop next door if you want a cooling drink. And more practical souvenirs for those travelling home from Jamaica by airplane (circa 40$ US).

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