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Martha Brae Rafting

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I went to Martha Brae 21 years ago on my last visit to Jamaica. It hadn’t changed at all. Which was good. A lot of bamboo had been grown and felled though since then I am sure…nature’s quickest growing ‘tree’ the stuff is everywhere along the side of the river and the many colours of its’ bark glistened in the moist atmosphere all around.

Our raftsman, singing songs of a bygone era:

This is a very tranquil trip. You glide slowly down the river for three miles – probably taking around 45 minutes in all. The rafters sing songs, recite poetry and enchant you with old African and Jamaican fables. And if you are lucky a bright souvenir seller might jump of his bicycle and run through the trees, as I pictured below:


We caught a lift back up the river to our car with the rafters. As we bumped along in the back of their truck as it pulled the rafts behind us, I hoped that I’d be back in another 21 years. Time stands still in this place – perhaps it has something to do with the echo of the rafter’s fables as they bounce around the bamboo forrest.

Handmade rafts:



Souvenir handmade rafts:

Light fantastic:

Note: This is not a trip for the adrenalin junkies. Although it’s perfect for adrenalin junkies looking for some downtime…

…or a complimentary glass of refreshing rum punch!

For reservations…

Tel: (876) 940-6398 / 940-7018 / 952-0889
For a little intro to the legend of Martha Brae from their official website, click here >>>
Photogallery: Click here to see more pics


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