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‘Fire Pond… To Di Worl’…?

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Nestled between lofty trees and brawny bamboo in the humble outskirts of Fern Gully, lies a place like none other. A place where two elements join as one to form a truly therapeutic union. ‘Fire Pond’ is as the name suggests – fire on water. This secluded hide away can be found at ‘River Lane’, Windsor, St. Ann.

The natural environment and lush greenery provided a warm welcome to this hidden hotspot. The pond, about the size of a small pool, is a bubbling spring. According to Errol a.k.a. ‘Police’, caretaker of Fire Pond, the pond has healing benefits. “Scientists from all over the world have traveled here and take about 12 drum pan full of this water here. When they came back, they said it contains 24 different minerals. This water here cure sinus, fever, aches and pain, arthritis, sore throat…..”

HISTORY OF FIRE POND – (According to Legend)
One morning a long time ago, a young lady came to the pond to have her morning bath. She saw a cluster of ripe oranges hanging over the pond from a nearby tree. She decided to pick some but realised that there was a wasp nest on the oranges.

She decided to make a torch and use it to burn away the nest so she could retrieve the oranges. The stick fell from her hand and into the water. Immediately, to her fright, the water caught fire. She rushed back home screaming and told her parents that ‘duppies’ or ghosts were in the pond. Her parents later told her that no ghosts were there and that it was where slaves used to come for healing. Since then, she has been taking her bath in the pond from the time she discovered it. She was 20 years old then, and she is now 109. It has been called ‘Fire Pond’ ever since.

I came to know exactly why the place was called ‘Fire Pond’ after a demonstration by Police. Sulphur in the water immediately ignited after Police lit his lighter near the peaceful waters, causing the water to literally ‘catch fire’. “Walk through the fire and sit in the water”, said ‘Police’ as I made my way down the steps and into the pond. While my feet were below the fire, they were massaged by a natural cavity in the bottom of the pond with what seemed to be a never ending source of bubbling water.


Now its alight … I guess I am going to have to get in…


I had some help getting into position…


I am happy to report that my experience can be summed up as: No burn – just warm relaxation.

With a wet towel made warm by the fire, a smooth rock as my pillow and the water as my bed, my fire massage started with a warm sensation on my shoulders head and hands. My back and feet were in for a treat as they were given a relaxing massage experience.

This unique massage uses heat to its advantage and leaves you feeling calm and relaxed. ‘You should not have a bath until 24 hours time ok?” said ‘Police’. That may be the only disadvantage for some personsJ.

Fire Pond has also been featured in two music videos, ‘Hail The King’ by Fantan Mojah and ‘Magic City’ by Buju Banton. “It deh pon all Travel Channel. I treat people from, all over the world with this water here. I drink seven handful of this water every morning and I even cook my food on it. This is not for a one man. Its for the community. Anyone who is having aches and pains, you just come to me and I’ll take care of you”, said Police’.

Fire Pond, despite the muddy exterior, is an example of one of Jamaica’s best kept secrets.

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