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Jerk at Boston Bay

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owners of the 2nd best jerk restaurant in the world!

Boston Bay is possibly the best place to sample all things Jerk in Jamaica and is also home to the island’s scrumptious “Jerk-Fest”, held on the 1st Sunday of July every year. Tonight I met David and Glen, the proud owners of Little David’s Jerk Centre. They have every right to be proud as their charcoal craft and concoction of spice and herbs has brought them the fortune of being awarded the accolade “Jamaica’s second-best jerk restaurant, 2007″. I couldn’t find the first-best restaurant, perhaps they had packed-up-profitably for the night to rest on their chargrilled laurels, and scotch-bonnet peppers of course.

And so, here it is…The 2nd Best Jerk Sauce In The World. EVER!..

the 2nd best jerk sauce in the world. EVER!

Ho’ ho’ hot and a bottle of rum:ho' ho' hot and a bottle of rum.

Rice and peas plus a heavy handful of veggies make for a delicious and honest homemade plate:rice and peas and veggies and jerk

Price: On request, dependent on weight and varying from jerk stall to jerk stall. Bargain on a few hundred dollars, plus extra for sides, for a decent dish.

Ingredients: If you fancy making some of your own jerk seasoning, there’s a dozen or so suggested ingredients below to give you an idea of what you will need. I pressed David and Glen to give me the full list from their winning recipe…but every stall has it’s own secrets, of course…

allspice berries
brown sugar
black pepper
soy sauce
And Scotch Bonnet Peppers.

How to get there: Click here for google map…

Words and photographs by Oliver Wright.

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