Monday, November 3rd, 2008...8:57 am

North Coast ‘Road’

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potholes potholes potholes and then finally smooooooth flat tarmac. that’s the long and short of our 4 hour drive from portland into ocho rios. here’s one or two pics that i took en-route.

the drive is arduous and glorious. and like many of the roads in jamaica following hurricane dean and the past few weeks of tropical downpour. the ever present rich green palms grow along much of the way and make for a pleasant distraction to the splashing of mud puddle and the scraping of the under-chassis. best driven to dance hall and reggae on the stereo for a true jamaican flavour. and to top-it-off, pop into the award winning jucie’s paties along the way.

please note: the north coast road is currently under development and hopefully during 2008 there will be a lot more smooooth flat tarmac. until then, try not to get a flat tire.

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