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A perusal through Port Antonio

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port antonio. once home for many a pirate.

An old colonial town. Or is it? Well… yes, of course it was. And today it houses modern day Jamaica. But the buildings deceive. Not in an ominous treacherous sense, as the pirates who once mored these shores would have had you believe as they dealt their counterfeit pieces of eight – but in a beautiful celebratory deceptive sense. You see, these buildings, pictured above and below, and complete with hanging window frame (thanks for that – it really made my picture) are in fact a mere 12 years old. Built (or commissioned) by a German company (unfortunately I only stopped here long enough to get directions to the nearby ‘Nonsuch Caves’, so I know little more) the interiors of these rooms are brand-spanking-new. As the giveaway air-conditioner on the left of the picture below, gives away.

Port Antonio Facade

I rather liked the modern day call to ‘Bingo’ hanging from this one above.


Bars as well as bingo abound in this town – so if you are interested in the history of rum as well as roofs, this could also be place for you. But beware of local “over-proof” or “downside” rum – as it might lead you into further confusion.

The Tale of Nonsuch Caves
Sounds like it might be interesting doesn’t it. Well, for us, on the day we ventured there, it wasn’t. Just up the road and the hill from this town are the delightful Nonsuch Caves. Alas on this particular afternoon we were unable to discover their delights. As we stopped for final directions at this (telling) gate, we were informed that at this time of late afternoon they were in fact:

your name's not down, you're not coming in.

And so, Nonsuch Caves remained as such for us. Another time, I hope. To make sure that you don’t miss their deep delights….click here for more information.

Instead of the caves we were treated to a private view from two local artists, perched high into the hills on the left as you wind your way to the caves. They sat peacefully at their easels, busily easing their way around a variety of pots to blend and create natures’ colours. Peacefully that was until I set the car alarm off getting my camera from the boot. I am learning (in addition to car alarm control) that it is important to keep your eyes well tuned-in to the surrounding jungle as you travel around Jamaica… the thickly nourished flanks to the road hide many pleasant surprises.


Keep your eye on this blog – an interview of the artist is to follow from Jermaine.

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