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Artist at Work

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The closed sign greeted us as we arrived at the Nonesuch Caves, located in the hills of Nonesuch, Portland when we visited.

However, the trip was worth while as we met a painter named Gregory Byron. On our arrival to the attraction we had noticed he was painting a picture of a boy and a dog. So we stopped to hear his story.

Gregory has been a painter since 1992, and still enjoys the trade even though painting seems to be a struggling business in Jamaica. His shop is located just outside the family house, where his children, wife and in-laws live. The shop and house are decorated with art all painted by Gregory.

Gregory shared that his art has been featured in Jamaican galleries, and that he sells to local and overseas buyers.

Artist in Training

He also introduced us to “painter in training”. That person was Damion.

Damion is also a local of the Nonesuch area who is being taught how to paint by Gregory. Gregory paints from a picture, while Damion was given a whole book to practice his work, as part of his training.

Gregory says that his painting business has been going well so far, and that he “Can’t really complain, because I could be doing nothing.”

Take a look at the amazing pieces created by Gregory and Damion. Enjoy!


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