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Today we had a whole raft of fun down The White River. OK, in truth we neither rafted nor saw a white river. Instead we ‘tubed’ down a crisp and fresh green river, running 27 miles from the dizzy heights of the mountains and into Ocho Rios. Our tubing trip took us through 3 miles of tranquil forrest and fields – organised by the ever so welcoming and friendly Chukka Cove White River experience team. It was so picturesque, words fail me – or perhaps that’s the 4 hour drive through potholes potholes potholes (hint: hire a 4WD when touring Jamaica!) from Goblin Hill taking it’s toll (note: it’s not a toll road yet but probably will be in 2008) – so I will leave the description up to my pictures to convey God’s light and do this place justice.

Spanish Bridge, where it all began and begins…

YouTube? WeTube!…
iTube. They tube. We all tube.

A whole raft of beauty…

Note – the river is usually white – the water is cleansed by the limestone that flanks the banks so that it’s crystal clarity provides a view straight through to the white limetsone. The recent rain has transformed it’s usual colour. It may sit at odds with the rivers name, but in my opinion this strange, voluminous, almost pre-historic colour found during November actually makes it the best time to visit. Chukka Cove is open rain and shine – so don’t let the odd shower put you off either.

I hope that you agree with me – that if this isn’t Jamaica’s most beautiful spot – it is certainly up in the rankings. Life jackets are provided and (if in case you are wondering) you really needn’t worry about a white-nuckle style white water rafting experience…. this is a joyous journey through Jamaica for all ages. And there’s a jolly jerk burger and beer bar at the end of the ride to kick your tastebuds back into the real world, after your whole body has been lulled into bliss traveling along in mother nature’s lap.

tubing on mother nature's lap

nice spot for a picnic



Chukka Cove is also the only resort in Jamaica to have received the green-seal of approval – for their eco-friendly kindness to the environment.

For more of Chukka’s great adventures: See the Chukka links in the category links on the right of this web page.
For further details, visit their official website: Click here for Ocho Rios. Click here for Montego Bay.
Or call their hotline: Mobay/Negril area Tel: (876) 953-5619 Ocho Rios area Tel: (876) 972-2506

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