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Canopy Capers

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Have you ever wanted to be spiderman? Or how about Jane and Tarzan. Well, if you have – you can live your dreams with a fast and furious flight through Jamaica’s Cranbrook Flower Forest. It was so good that I parked my camera and took to the handycam to make you all a video. See below…

As you can see, the light flooding through the jungle, above the flooding river, is an atmospheric delight. It’s so delightful that every mosquito in Jamaica seems to have taken up root there… and it feels like they’ve been at the ‘root juice’ too (click here for blog post on ‘root juice’). Not to worry – a good mozzy repellent should do the trick and at Chukka Blue the guides were at the ready with spray if you forgot yours.

This has probably been the best of Chukka’s tours, if not the best tourist attraction, that I have experienced in Jamaica. Continuous wooping breaks the tranquil rustle of the trees and every Honeymooning American can be heard to exclaim AWESOME!!! as they fly up down through past into out-of above and below the rivers and trees. I would have to agree with them.

Safety rope smiles

chukka canyoning

Sailing through the air!
chukka canyoning

Welcome aboard the flying machine…
chukka canyoning

For more information and pricing, visit Chukka’s official website by clicking this link, RIGHT HERE FOR OCHO RIOS. Or RIGHT HERE FOR MOBAY/NEGRIL.

Text and photography and video by Oliver Wright

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