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Kool Runnings

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YouTube? iTube...We all Tube!

oh my oh my oh my oh my oh…. ok i won’t bore you with more words. instead i will show you what i am talking about…. courtesy of (us at and YouTube, I bring you Kool Running’s, Negril, Westmorlands, Jamaica, The Carrabean. Ahem – listen up…Get involved:

It’s a quarter to midnight right now and we left Kool Runnings at 3pm (it opens at 11, we were the for four hours – and didn’t see more than 2/3rds of it). Why am I writing you a mathematical style travel blog? Because I need to tell you that my adrenaline is running again after just watching these videos – 8 hours after I slid. Here’s another video just for fun:

Superfast rocket – ‘Not for the weak hearted’

As the lady who showed us around the complex said “you’d never guess that this place has these kind of attractions by looking at it from the outside” (more on that later, dear, lovely, soon hopefully to be inundated marketing person). From an English perspective and the joys of Rickmansworth waterslides, when you first set eyes on the washed-out (they have hurricanes here in Jamaica don’t you know) colours of the tubes at Kool Runnings, you might be forgiven for thinking that this is just another water tube experience. But oh no! I think it’s time for another video and a few pictures:

Underwater Journalism…
underwater journalism

Holograms are displayed in the tubes. “We come in peace. And swimsuits…”
Kool Runnings Hologram

‘Green Grotto’ Hologram Ride Video

Did I mention the food? Jamaican Jerk (of course. Ps. it was tasty with a capital T) Eskevitch (of course, Ps. it was finger licking good!) Cheeseburger (this is an international tourist resort after all, so, of course. Ps. they even do ‘take-out’ for the journey home), fresh fruit smoothies (yum schlurp yum), and smiley smiley no problem staff…. but did I mention that all of this water and laughing and scrummyness is also helping to save the local marine life?

I have been to a few of Jamaica’s best tourist attractions so far and, despite my adrenalin, the most outstanding thing about this place seems to me that it is supporting the local tourist market… most of their visitors are domestic tourists including many local Jamaican schools (many have their end of year excursions here) and, again, as our friendly guide around Kool Running’s informed us – this is great for local kids and foreign tourist children alike… everyone gets to meet each other when they are at Kool Runnings, it’s a real mix of Jamaica and the rest of the world – all be it most of the time thrown upside down or inside out!

Let’s have another photograph or two to show you what I mean….

water, sliding = kool runnings.

water jets


Kool Runnings opened in February and is currently working on making sure that local Jamaican communities on the island benefit from their success. So – for those of you interested in the Jamaican bobsled team called ‘Kool Runnings’ you should soon be able to visit these picturesque houses below and discover inside artifacts from this (unlikely) world famous Olympic and hollywood (even more unlikely) bobsled team. They will also be making space for local arty exhibitions from the Negril community.

And if water’s not your thing…don’t worry – there’s also go-karting (did I mention that we only saw and took pictures of 2/3rds of this place) and an old-fashioned carousel. There’s also a number of restaurants and a cricket-themed bar on a breezy varanda, for those that like a drink rather than swimming it. A drink or two that is (It’s tellingly called ‘not-out bar’).

Young or Old, Rain or Shine – Kool Runnings should not be missed if you are in the area. Sorry, but underwater video is not strictly allowed by guests at Kool Runnings. For this privilege you should apply for a job at The Gleaner Company ;-) Click here…

Opening Hours: Tuesday- Sunday, 11am – 7 pm.
Price: Kids US$14 – Adults US$28 (for group savings & special offers click here)
Official website:
How to get there: Kool Runnings Water Park is located on Norman Manley Boulevard in Negril, Jamaica. Just across the street from Beaches Sandy Bay Resort.

Click here for directions and map…

Text, photographs and videos by Oliver Wright

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