Monday, December 22nd, 2008...9:35 am

Jake’s Resort, Treasure Beach

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This place is enchanted. As the name of the beach suggests – it’s a treasure find. Sunsets from the pool as the waves crash just feet away. Your very own private Morrocan haveli perched on silver sand. Homemade delights from the gardenside, barside, poolside, terraceside restaurant. Rum punch to knock you out. Massages to pick you up. Genuinely welcoming staff, smiles and…an Apple Mac with web access! Did I mention the hand-crafted ceramics that bedeck the terrace floors and garden walls. Oh and wooden four poster beds? Self-catering kitchens. That you can help yourself to world music CDs. The list goes on and time stands still. Just go there.





Price range: A room at Jake’s will start at approximately US$ 95 for a room with garden…going up to US$ 800 for a private four bedroom cottage. Take me to the full price list…
Official website: Click here…
Guest photos: Let me see ‘em!
And don’t miss their partner restaurant opposite “Jack Spratt” – that is, if you can tear youself away from Jake’s ambience once you arrive. I must return one day….

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